Learning for better health: unlocking the potential of social prescribing into adult learning

Wednesday 8 November | 10am-12 noon | A Lifelong Learning Week event



To mark our Learning for Health Day as part of Lifelong Learning Week, we convened commissioners, practitioners, providers and learners to explore the evidence base for social prescribing into adult learning.

Social prescribing involves linking individuals to activities and services outside those offered by the NHS to address additional non-clinical challenges which could also be impacting on their health. The roll-out of link workers through primary care has boosted the reach of the social prescribing model to most areas of the country. Where it works well, social prescribing has become part of community support – and many people are benefitting.

Adult learning activities, which provide opportunities to develop new skills, knowledge and abilities, have a clear place in the social prescribing landscape. However, this is an underexplored area both in terms of the impact on people and services and in mapping existing provision.

We believe there has never been a more important time to roll out social prescribing into adult learning: to reduce pressure on the NHS, to support better mental health and wellbeing, and to strengthen connections to the labour market.

This event would be of interest to commissioners, practitioners from across health, employment and education sectors, ICB/ICS/PCN members, social prescribers, researchers, think tanks and more. Speakers will likely include leaders from colleges, the NHS, work programmes, regional authorities and social prescribing bodies, as well as employer representatives and learners.

Reasons to watch:

  • Gain a better understanding of the role of social prescribing into adult learning for improved health outcomes;
  • Explore current practice, what works and what we don’t (yet) know;
  • Provide insight and challenge to discussions;
  • Connect with people from across health, care, skills, employment and education;
  • Agree practical next steps.

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Part of our flagship Festival of Learning campaign, Lifelong Learning Week offers the opportunity for organisations, education providers and lifelong learning advocates to collaborate on conferences, talks, learning taster sessions and more.