Learning and Work Institute’s blueprint for change

Five steps to improve prosperity and widen opportunity by improving access to lifelong learning and good work.


12 06 2024


Get employers training, by broadening the apprenticeship levy into a Skills Levy and introducing a Skills Tax Credit, because employers are spending 26% less on training per employee than in 2005 and graduates are three times more likely to get training at work. 

Help people into learning, by expanding the Lifelong Learning Entitlement in England to give more help and support, because the number of adults in learning has halved since 2010 with the biggest drops for those with the greatest need. 

Support people to work, by expanding employment support to everyone who wants to work and joining up work, health and skills services because only one in ten out of work disabled people get help to find work each year. 

Introduce a Young Person’s Guarantee of a job, training place or apprenticeship in England, because one in eight young people are not in education, employment or training.  

Build a better system, by joining up support, empowering local places and planning for the long-term, because adult skills funding in England is £1bn lower than in 2010 and policy is too fragmented. 

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Stephen Evans, Chief Executive of Learning and Work Institute, said:
The choices we make now will chart a course toward the 2030s. We’ve set out five clear steps to start a decade of renewal in lifelong learning and a drive to help everyone that wants to work to find a job. After the declines of the last decade, we need a higher ambition for more adults in learning, more people in work, and a fairer chance for all. That’s good for our economy as well as for giving everyone a fair chance in life.


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