Response to the Work and Pensions Secretary's plan to offer skills bootcamps to fill vacancies

Responding to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions's plan to offer skills bootcamps to fill vacancies, announced on 21 May 2024, Stephen Evans, Chief Executive of Learning and Work Institute, said:


21 05 2024


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Lack of effective joined-up support to find work is the main reason people who can work aren’t in work, not migration. Many employers are already working with jobcentres and of course more should do so. But to make a real difference we need to employers to look at how they structure jobs to fit with people’s health needs and caring responsibilities and think more broadly about where they recruit, given many people are out of work but not on benefits. That needs to be coupled with a step change in joined-up work, health and skills support for people, since only one in ten out-of-work disabled people get help to find work each year.


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