Enhanced ESOL Co-ordination in the West Midlands

Learning and Work Institute are pleased to be the regional ESOL co-ordinator for West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership.


01 05 2018

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Local authorities supporting the resettlement of Syrian refugee families in the West Midlands region are to benefit from new support which aims to improve resettled persons’ access to English for Speakers of Other Languages provision. This work is supported by Home Office funding until March 2019. The regional ESOL co-ordinator will implement activities providing strategic support to ESOL provision in the region. This will include:

  • A mapping exercise of formal and informal ESOL provision
  • Development of a regional ‘ESOL hub’ website
  • Targeted strategic support to local areas with ESOL delivery plans

As well as addressing the needs of resettled Syrian families, the work is expected to have wider benefits for other groups also wishing to access English language learning in the West Midlands. Good English language skills are vital for effective resettlement, entry to the labour market and everyday life in the UK, but accessing the right ESOL provision can be a challenge. We hope that this project will bring benefits to local authorities, resettlement agencies and ESOL providers to help ensure that everyone who needs it can access suitable opportunities to learn English.

Learning and Work also provides ESOL co-ordination in the South East region, and in 2017 undertook a mapping exercise and research into ESOL provision in London.