Interactive Essential Skills Map


24 06 2022

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This interactive map shows local-level data on essential skills needs in England. L&W’s essential skills modelling estimates indicative numbers of 16–64-year-olds with low literacy or numeracy in local areas.

The map uses England-level data from the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) on the likelihood of having low essential skills by age, qualification and labour market status. It applies this to local data (Labour Force Survey for Mayoral Combined Authorities and local authorities, Census 2011 data for wards) to give indicative numbers and proportions of people with low literacy or numeracy. We conduct cross-checks to ensure, for example, that Census 2011 ward-level detail is consistent in terms of levels and rates with Labour Force Survey data at local authority level, which is more up-to-date but can’t be broken down to ward level.