Response to Economic Update on 8 July

Dr Fiona Aldridge, director for policy and research said:


08 07 2020


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"There is much to welcome in today’s economic statement. We have been calling on the Government to introduce an ambitious Plan for Jobs including: large scale investment and incentives to create jobs; a youth guarantee to prevent a rise in long-term youth unemployment; and a massive expansion of help to find jobs. We are pleased to see that the Chancellor has been listening. "The Government took unprecedented action to protect jobs and incomes at the outset of the crisis. It must now ensure that the measures to sustain and create jobs are as big and bold as the challenge that we face. But with more job losses announced daily and with 700,000 young people about to leave education, we must also ensure that these measures are implemented quickly. "While we welcome a focus on encouraging employers to return its furloughed workers, we have called for more investment in an employment and skills package for those who are at risk. Even with the bonus, many workers will face the need to switch jobs or change careers and we must ensure that they have the right employment and skills support to do this well."

Emergency exit - getting Britain back to work