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We believe that our aims can be best achieved when we meaningfully collaborate with different partners and stakeholders. We want to work together to influence policy and widen opportunity, test and create new ideas to engage people in learning and work, and build and spread good practice for policy makers and practitioners. We are always looking to forge new partnerships and relationships with organisations who share our goals. Could we work together?

Who do we work with?

We work with a whole range of partners from employers to education providers, advocacy groups to local councils, and fellow research organisations to Government departments. Explore the sections below to find out how we’ve been achieving impact during the pandemic. Contact Sam Windett, Deputy Director, to find out more.

Research and Evaluation

Through our research, we uncover key trends in participation in the labour market and in adult learning. Our research includes impact assessments, programme evaluations, and looks at means for overcoming barriers to adult learning.

Policy advice and guidance

We look at potential policy challenges and solutions, and offer advice and guidance to education and training providers, Government programmes, and other stakeholders in learning and work.

Statistics and analysis

We provide detailed and fast analysis of ONS’ monthly labour market statistics on the morning of their release. We also analyse data from across the country to uncover trends and inform policy. Our Youth Opportunity Index gives a detailed portrait of the opportunities and challenges for young people, broken down by local education authority.

Product development, innovation, capacity building and piloting new approaches

We look at how successful innovation works and how it can help to meet the challenges of our changing world; develop new approaches to learning and participation in the labour market; and pilot and evaluate new ideas.

Campaigns and advocacy

We advocate for individuals, groups and communities who are more likely to miss out on opportunities to learn and work. Our work is informed by direct involvement from those groups wherever possible.

Conferences and Events

Connecting with policymakers and organisations with shared ambitions is at the core of our approach to change. We hold events and training throughout the year, from roundtables to panel discussions, and from specialised webinars to major conferences. We always welcome working with new event partners and sponsors.

One of the funders we worked with on an evaluation project said about working with us
From the start of the contract in March 2020 we have been impressed with the dedication, experience and expertise the L&W team have demonstrated... The general approach to support you have provided with each grantee has been really hands-on and the allocation of a specific evaluation manager really ensured that the support given was bespoke and tailored to the needs of that organisation.

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