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01 06 2015

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Taking a Citizens’ Curriculum approach ensures all individuals have the core set of skills they need for the 21st Century, including English, maths, ESOL, digital, civic, health and financial capabilities. Learning and Work Institute is committed to widening access to these skills, particularly amongst under-represented groups in society, as well as improving the range and quality of provision available to all adults.

In 2014/15, the development of a Citizens’ Curriculum was taken forward by 13 pilots across a range of organisations including colleges, local authorities and charities. The pilots tapped into what motivates adults to learn, ensuring that more people are learning skills which are relevant to their lives, their needs and their work. Particular areas of focus included provision for homeless / vulnerably housed adults, offenders, ex-offenders, migrants, families and disadvantaged young adults. The pilots provided insight into methods of adopting a Citizens’ Curriculum approach, how effective the approach is in engaging disadvantaged learners, the impact on learners and providers, and key success factors for both the learner and the provider.

Case studies
Our downloadable case studies tell the story of some of the people who took part in the pilots.

Our podcasts

Listen to our podcasts, where some of our pilots discuss the benefits of being involved in the Citizens’ Curriculum learning approach.

Case studies