European Agenda for Adult Learning (2015-2017)


In the period 2015-17, we aimed to enable greater policy coherence through sharing existing research, looking for regional and local case studies, and disseminating them.

We built on the previous work programmes (2012-14, 2014-15) to engage a wider range of policy makers, influencers and decision makers in each of the four home nations through the establishment of Impact Forums in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Through these forums we promoted evidence-based approaches to policy development and formulation across the UK and responded to emerging policy and
research documents.

In the field of adult basic skills, we strengthened further the understanding amongst policymakers, practitioners, providers and adult learning stakeholders of the Citizens’ Curriculum approach.

We have continued to develop our webresource ‘What Employers Want’ which effectively supports young unemployed get the skills they need to access sustainable work.

In the area of digital skills, we have been producing resources to help adult educators increase their effective use of technology with adults who are currently under-represented in adult learning.