Managing Money is an Erasmus+ funded project which aimed to address the growing need for Europe’s citizens to increase their financial understanding, supporting them to understand and manage their financial circumstances and empowering them to make appropriate financial decisions throughout their lives.

Led by Learning and Work Institute, the Managing Money project worked with partners from Norway, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK to develop and innovative curriculum for adult financial capability, financial literacy resources for teachers, and a free Managing Money App.

This complements the Managing Money curriculum and takes an action-based approach to learning, simulating situations where people need to practice their personal financial management, while the Managing Money curriculum develops the skills they need to help them plan their finances in response to financial challenges.

The video is from taken at the National Family Learning Forum meeting, where members  installed and explored the app.

It collates the views of a range of providers from Community and Family Learning,  Local Councils, libraries, Further Education and parent organisations on their use of the Managing Money app with their learners.

Managing Money Booklet