New Futures: Four Nations Policy Recommendations


This report draws together insights from our New Futures pilots, funded by the Covid-19 Support Fund, to make policy and practice recommendations for improving the support available for adults to change careers in in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We’ve put together a suite of five reports on our findings: nation reports for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and this overarching UK policy report. Here we compare findings across the four nations and set out our overall recommendations for local and national governments, employers and provision.

The report explores key lessons from the pilots, looking at how we can shape a policy landscape that facilitates career change and addresses local and national skills gaps. It recommends that governments of the four nations act on the following recommendations:

  1. Better coordination of support with devolved join up
  2. Understand what works to help people change careers across the UK
  3. Create designated career change support in each of the UK nations
  4. Reform financial incentives for employers
  5. Support living costs for people in and out of work