Resources for pre-apprenticeship providers


Learning providers across the world have had to adapt to delivering programmes for young people online due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has been a new experience for the majority of pre-apprenticeship and other work-based learning providers. Meanwhile, labour markets across the world are constantly changing and young people need a wide range of skills in order to build sustainable, successful, and rewarding careers.

L&W have developed a set of resources to support pre-apprenticeship providers with the design and delivery of high-quality programmes that support young people to enter apprenticeships.

  • A guide for providers on designing and delivering pre-apprenticeship programmes
  • A guide for providers on blended learning on pre-apprenticeship programmes – This new resource contains practical information and guidance to enable providers to learn from wider research and practice in delivering effective blended learning programmes. It draws on evidence and lessons learned from pre-apprenticeship programmes across the UK, Europe and more widely.
  • A resource for providers for skills development on pre-apprenticeship programmes – Basic skills, digital skills, employability, and transversal/soft skills are crucial in preparing young people for an apprenticeship and for building successful careers. This practical resource will enable pre-apprenticeship providers to develop and enhance their programmes to ensure that young people are equipped with the key skills they need for the future.