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19 06 2020

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Building on New to ESOL, this project aimed to help ESOL practitioners meet the needs of refugee learners with low English language proficiency. The resources were commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation on behalf of the Home Office, and developed by Learning and Work Institute and Learning Unlimited.

Stakeholder research for the project identified that there is often a need to tailor ESOL course content to the early integration needs of refugees.  For this project, L&W engaged with ESOL stakeholders and interviewed refugees in West Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We also met with the Yorkshire and Humber Resettlement Refugee Advisory Group, who shared their lived experiences of resettlement and learning English in the UK.  Learning Unlimited used this input to develop content which reflects topics and approaches to teaching refugees consider to be beneficial.  The resources were reviewed and tested by a panel of ESOL practitioners across the UK.

ESOL for Refugees resource pack

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