Reviewing Peabody’s Employment and Training Programme


Peabody commissioned Learning and Work Institute to conduct a review of their Employment and Training Programme and make recommendations on how a future employment support offer could build on the strengths of the current programme and deliver on Peabody’s new area-based approach.

Peabody’s E&T programme embodies many aspects of best practice and delivers value for money. The programme has a strong reputation amongst partners, and customers value its holistic one-to-one support offer and jobs brokerage service. While the programme is performing well and viewed positively, there are a number of reasons to believe that E&T can deliver even greater impact for residents.

This report presents the findings of the service review. It explores the current delivery model and performance of the E&T programme, and how this compares against other employment services. It then outlines the recent and anticipated changes in E&T’s operational context and the implications for the service.

We recommend that the E&T service:

  • embrace a blended model that combines digital and face-to-face delivery;
  • refocus advisor resource to provide more intensive support to those with more profound barriers to work;
  • set an organisational-wide aim to boost the number of residents able to benefit from E&T support.

The report concludes with six evidence-based recommendations on how to make more effective and efficient use of resource and increase programme impact.