Sector-focussed traineeships


Findings of the research along with case studies of employers and/or providers who have developed a sector-focussed traineeship, along with recommendations for providers who identify a need to develop.

Key findings
The main reasons given for developing sector-focussed traineeships were to:

  • address identified skills gaps in their sector;
  • implement a pathway for young people to progress into existing sector specific
    apprenticeship programmes;
  • provide more targeted support to enable local young people to get into employment; and
  • encourage young people to consider a career in a particular sector.

Providers utilised a range of methods to recruit young people to their sector-focussed traineeships, including:

  • through intermediary organisations;
  • offering places to young people who apply for their apprenticeship programme;
  •  undertaking wider marketing activities to raise general awareness of their traineeship