Supporting Care Leavers in Further Education


04 05 2020

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These resources are for colleges in England that want to review and improve their support for Looked After Young People and Care Leavers.

They consist of four key parts:

  • A guide for colleges which includes information about who LAYP/CLs are, the kinds of challenges they face, their rights and entitlements to support, and what staff need to be aware of when working with LAYP/CLs.
  • A set of templates and examples of documents and resources  TO ADD IN which colleges can use to provide effective support to LAYP and CLs, and which are referred to throughout the guide.
  • A pack of training materials which can be adapted and used by designated members of staff to raise awareness of the needs of LAYP/CLs across their college.
  • A staff induction video which was made by a group of Care Leavers to raise college staff’s awareness of the experiences of LAYP and CLs.


Supporting Looked After Young People and Care Leavers in Further Education