The Integrated Communities Strategy green paper: Our Response


The Integrated Communities Strategy green paper invited views on the government’s vision for building strong integrated communities where people – whatever their background – live, work, learn and socialise together, based on shared rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

Learning and Work Institute responded to some of the questions raised and a summary is available to download below.

L&W believes that a national core of entitlements, rights and responsibilities (e.g. around English language) is necessary.  How those are delivered and in what ways they are augmented should be tailored sub-nationally. We welcome the government’s commitment to implement the McGregor-Smith review recommendations

L&W’s evaluation of Community Based English Language provision comprehensively demonstrated that ESOL provision not only improved language proficiency, but also led to improvements in social and community integration among traditionally introverted and marginalised communities. Our research showed a significant impact on the level of social interaction involving speaking and listening in English and with people from different backgrounds, including evidence of cross-cultural social bonds being formed.