Youth Commission report 5 - Fit for Purpose? Education and Employment Support for Young People


Previous Youth Commission reports have analysed how these challenges vary across England, and how demographic and economic changes will alter the context for and impact of these future challenges. Taken together, they mean young people will have longer working lives, requiring regular updating of skills and career changes.

This report analyses current education, employment and skills services and planned changes, and identifies how they match up against these future challenges.

Longer working lives and rapid economic change are increasing the importance of a good foundation of education and skills, as well as ongoing employment and career support. This rising bar of skills needed for work coupled with continuing change at work means that young people who do not gain these skills or get ongoing career and employment support are likely to find themselves locked out of a future filled with opportunity.

Given that, how do the education and employment systems stack up? Are they delivering for all young people? Will planned reforms make things better?

This report maps out current education and employment policies and systems. It finds lots to be proud of, with policy and practitioners making a difference every day. Yet there are clear, longstanding and long recognised shortfalls.