Webinar: When furlough ends - preventing a second wave of unemployment

Wednesday 16 September 2020 | 1.00 – 2.00pm

The scale of the jobs challenge is becoming increasingly clear. In August, 3.4 million people were out of work and wanting a job. And with millions still furloughed, the end of the scheme risks triggering a second wave of unemployment.

Unemployment is costly, for individuals and the economy. The sectoral nature of this recession means that large numbers of people will need not only to find new jobs, but to retrain and switch careers.

In our recent report, When furlough has to stop, Learning and Work Institute and Reform, called on the Government to respond by introducing a comprehensive and ambitious package of support to avert the worst employment crisis since the Great Depression – with a universal support offer for at-risk workers and more targeted in-depth support for career changers.

Reflecting on the latest labour market statistics, the event explored what should be put in place as the furlough scheme winds down to avert long-term unemployment for at-risk workers. Catch up below.