Avoiding a pandemic generation: improving education and employment for young people

Youth Commission final report launch

Tuesday 23 February 2021 | 1.00 – 2.30pm 

Young people in theory have a world filled with opportunity and longer lives to enjoy it. But for too many these opportunities are out of reach. Educational attainment is more dependent on family background here than in other countries. Access to jobs, progression and good quality work are also unequal.

The coronavirus crisis has amplified many pre-existing inequalities, with young people facing a double whammy of disrupted education and a tougher labour market. As a result, the number of young people claiming unemployment-related benefits has more than doubled.

Our Youth Commission has explored how to change this and make sure all young people get a fair chance in life. Its final report calls for £4.2 billion extra investment each year to support growth in technical education, action to tackle the youth employment crisis, and a drive to boost apprenticeships and career progression.

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Youth Commission report 6

Unleashing talent

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