Volunteers, English language learners and conversation clubs


26 06 2020

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Learning and Work Institute worked with Learning Unlimited to research and develop a new set of resources aimed at volunteers supporting adult English language learners and organisations using volunteers in this role. These resources are free to use for all. 

Developed with volunteers with little or no training or previous experience in mind, the resources are designed to support the delivery of conversation clubs and other volunteer-led language practice for adult English language learners. However, they will be useful to anyone engaged in delivering conversation-based English language practice. The suite of resources includes: 

  • A set of 15 units for conversation club sessions, with supporting guidance on using them to run a conversation club. 
  • A guide for volunteers supporting English language learners. 
  • A guide for organisations working with volunteers in English language provision. 
  • A conversation practice toolkit full of useful ideas, activities and resources. 
  • A report of the research. 
  • A set of four supplementary videos. 

In 2020, L&W and LU were commissioned by MHCLG to develop additional guidance for running conversation clubs online.

Learning and Work Institute selected as finalist for British Council award for Innovation in English Language Teaching

We are delighted that our Volunteers, English Language Learners and Conversation Clubs guidance has been selected as a finalist for ELTons' awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching, in the local innovation category.
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Online conversation clubs

Volunteers, English language learners and conversation clubs

We have created a set of four complementary videos supporting organisations to effectively plan and lead conversation clubs:

  1. Supporting volunteers
  2. Supporting learners
  3. What volunteers get from the role
  4. Planning conversation clubs

Volunteers, English language learners and conversation clubs - Research report