Skills for a net-zero economy: Insights from employers and young people


Along with demographic change and advances in technology, the transition to green skills is one of a number of mega trends set to transform the economy and labour market. These shifts are also interconnected. The need for “green skills” is therefore not just about new green jobs, but also greening existing roles, increasing economic growth and productivity, and creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds. As the UK moves towards net zero, the role of further education and apprenticeship programmes in equipping young people with the green skills employers require is crucial.

We have conducted research on behalf of WorldSkills UK, exploring how the skills system can help young people acquire the high-quality technical skills needed to support the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions. The research provides evidence on:

  • Current and anticipated employer demand for green skills across sectors.
  • The extent to which these skills are currently incorporated in technical education and apprenticeship programmes.
  • Young people’s understanding of- and appetite for- skills, jobs and careers that would support the UK’s transition to net-zero