Green Paper Launch: VocTech Challenge 2023

Wednesday 26th April | 1.00pm–2.00pm | Online



We met with leaders from across the adult skills sector to explore new insights and shape new thinking and funding to catalyse how technology can help every adult in the UK get the skills they need to participate and benefit from our transitioning economy.

Ufi VocTech Trust, Learning and Work Institute and invited guests met to discuss the ideas presented in the VocTech Challenge Green Paper exploring how we can create a UK skills system, underpinned by tech, that delivers a sustainable UK economy where everyone is included and no one is left behind.

Louise Rowland, Deputy CEO, Ufi VocTech Trust
We can no longer rely on a system that is not geared to adapt, continuously and rapidly, or a system that favours those who have done well in mainstream provision at the expense of those who, arguably, could benefit most and are key to delivering the skills we need.

Drawing from workshops, consultations and interviews with more than 100 stakeholders, learners, and practitioners across the four nations, the VocTech Challenge Green Paper presents the new practical insights and ideas surfaced during the discovery phase of the VocTech Challenge: Skills for an economy in transition.

This webinar marked the start of our consultation period on the Green Paper. Responses will inform a White Paper, to be published in June, including new grant funding from Ufi VocTech Trust and commitments to partnership work with Learning and Work Institute and others that will shape activities over the coming two years.

The event was suitable for professionals in further education and vocational training; training providers; policy professionals; sector bodies and employers; investors in edtech; and edtech developers.

All registrants for the session were emailed a copy of the Green Paper in advance of the event.

Our panellists included:

The discussion was chaired by Sophie Bailey, Producer and Host of the EdTech Podcast.