Benefits of learning

These charts show the benefits of learning experienced by survey respondents. A number of surveys from 2002 onwards included a question asking current and recent learners what benefits they had experienced as a result of learning.

Respondents were asked to pick from a list of options. These have been grouped into:

  • Benefits to job or work e.g. ‘I have got a job’, ‘I have changed the type of work I do’;
  • Better personal wellbeing or improved health e.g. ‘my health has improved’‘I have more control of my life’;
  • Gained qualification or wants to learn more e.g. ‘I enjoy learning more’, ‘I have got a recognised qualification’;
  • No benefits.

For most years, around two-fifths to a half of adults say that they have experienced benefits relating to personal wellbeing or health. Each year, a further 24 to 40 per cent say that they have experienced benefits related to their job or work, with the exception of 2013. Fewer than one in five adults normally say that they have gained qualifications or want to learn more. Fewer than one in 10 adults normally say that they experienced no benefits. The exception to these trends is 2013, where work-related benefits are more commonly cited.

Use the boxes at the side of the chart to explore breakdowns of the overall trends by demographic characteristics. The buttons at the top show a separate chart for each demographic; the additional buttons on each chart can be used to show breakdowns by each type of benefit.