Youth Commission Dashboard

The Youth Commission has explored how to ensure all young people get a fair chance in life. Across five research reports, we showed that we too often fall short of this goal and lag many countries on key measures of learning, skills and employment.

Our final report Unleashing Talent: Levelling up opportunity for young people set out our blueprint for change. It called for urgent action to tackle the youth employment crisis and a higher ambition for education and employment, benchmarked against the world’s best to build back better.

The Youth Commission Dashboard tracks progress against these higher ambitions for young people. The charts show long-term trends in education and employment data, and shows how we are progressing toward these higher ambitions.

1. England's qualifications profile by age 19

2. England's qualifications profile: ages 20-24

3. UK NEET rate: ages 18-24

4. UK employment rate for those not in full time education: ages 18-24

5. UK Education, Employment or Training for young people

6. Earnings 21-24 year olds: Percentage earning less than two thirds of UK median earnings