Better Work Network

The Better Work Network is a policy and practice-based initiative, hosted by Learning and Work Institute and Trust for London, dedicated to supporting progression from low pay and increasing the quality of work for all.

The network brings together a range of stakeholders and influencers, including central and local government, think-tanks, charities, employers, funders and organisations involved in the delivery of support. We now have over 830 members.

How does the Better Work Network operate?

  • Research and development
    Our research team conducts targeted research and analysis to test ideas, identify what works and support and develop new approaches; maximising the impact of initiatives to improve earnings and work quality.
  • Collaboration and evidence sharing
    We share best practice and new thinking through a range of accessible outputs, resources and events; supporting innovation and learning between network members and wider stakeholders.
  • Networking and influencing
    The network influences policy and practice through the co-ordination and planning of influencing activities with a range of organisations engaged in policy, research, influencing or delivery focused on better work.

Explore our Better Work Audit

The Better Work Audit builds on research on the quality of work in London. We examine public data on job quality in the capital, and how this compares to the UK trend.

Explore our Better Work Map

The Better Work Map was created to identify and map progression-focused initiatives that are or have been in operation across London and the rest of the UK. The purpose of the map is to increase the visibility of this valuable work to help workers find local support options and strengthen the links between providers and stakeholders working across this area.

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