The Local Education Authorities’ Forum for the Education of Adults

The Local Education Authorities’ Forum for the Education of Adults (LEAFEA) promotes the development of adult learning in and by local authorities in England. Its members are Heads of Service and others with key strategic roles.

Nationally, LEAFEA carries out its function by:

  • Representing the views of local authority adult learning officers to government departments and agencies (e.g. Ofsted, Education and Skills Funding Agency), non-departmental governmental bodies, LGA, etc.
  • Communicating and receiving information about adult learning regionally and nationally
  • Supporting local authority officers in the strategic planning and delivery of adult learning

LEAFEA is overseen by an Executive Committee made up of regional representatives which meets termly.  Each year, it runs national conferences and other events which offer members an opportunity to:

  • Hear about emerging policies, practice and research
  • Meet representatives of government departments and key national organisations
  • Come together and engage in dialogue and share experiences and learning on current issues
  • Send messages to government departments and other agencies

Regional LEAFEA meetings are convened regularly to allow members to share practice and support to address issues within their local area.

Executive Members

  • Chair | Jacqueline Bradley
  • Vice-chairs | Ian Bond & Nicholas Child
Alex Stevenson Learning and Work Institute
Anne Marie Holdsworth Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Barbara Hamilton City of London Corporation
Chantal Lommel Hertfordshire County Council
Colin Barnett Worcestershire County Council
Dawn Hall Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Elke Hein Bristol City Council
Ian Bond (Vice-Chair) Nottinghamshire Community Learning & Skills Service (CLASS - Inspire Culture)
Jacqueline Bradley (Chair) Thurrock Adult Community College
Julie Rushton Manchester City Council
Jo Swindells Buckinghamshire County Council
Nicholas Child (Vice-Chair) Devon Adult & Community Learning

Get in touch

For further information please contact Susan Charlish.