Rates of adult participation in learning

These charts show trends in the rate of adult participation in learning. Each year, survey respondents are provided with the following definition of learning and asked when they last took part in learning: ‘Learning can mean practicing, studying or reading about something. It can also mean being taught, instructed or coached. This is so you can develop skills, knowledge, abilities or understanding of something. Learning can also be called education or training. You can do it regularly (each day or month) or you can do it for a short period of time. It can be full time, or part time, done at home, at work, or in another place like a college. Learning does not have to lead to a qualification. We are interested in any learning you have done, whether or not it was finished.’

Year-on-year, around two-fifths of adults say that they are currently learning or have done so in the previous three years, while at least three in 10 say that they have not learnt since full-time education.

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