Good work & progression

How can we improve the quality of jobs and end in-work poverty?

How can we support more people to progress in work and build their careers?

The quality of work matters, as well as how many people are in work. Nearly one in five employees in the UK  are in low paid work, contributing to in-work poverty. Many people become stuck in low pay, and face barriers to progression.

Beyond pay, there are other important aspects of job quality, including having security, flexibility and a voice at work. The rise in the number of people in forms of insecure work, such as zero-hours contracts, has contributed to concerns about the quality of work for some workers.

We think everyone should be able to access high quality work, which provides a decent income, security, and an opportunity to develop and progress. Our work focuses on how we can support people to progress in work, and how we can improve job quality for all. Our Better Work Network helps to develop and share evidence around what works in supporting progression.

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