Housing, Learning and Work Conference

Thursday 25 February 2021 | Online | 9.30am – 12.50pm

Announcing Will Quince MP, Minister for Welfare Delivery to present the keynote at the conference.


The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a labour market crisis, hitting communities up and down the country hard. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and we are likely to see far higher levels of unemployment for years to come. With a lasting impact on the labour market, many adults may have to adapt and retrain for the work that will be available in the future.

Housing associations have long played a vital role in supporting their residents to access employment and learning opportunities. As we look to re-build the economy, and to level-up opportunity across the UK – this role will become even more important.

The second Housing, Learning and Work Conference will...

... bring together the social housing, employment and skills sectors to explore how we can build back better, and support social tenants to access new economic opportunities. Hosted by Learning and Work Institute and Communities that Work, the Housing, Learning and Work Conference provides a space for senior policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders to explore the latest policy developments and share innovative practice to meet new challenges.

The conference will tackle the following themes:

Understanding the crisis – designing effective support requires a thorough understanding of how the crisis is impacting on our communities and residents. We will explore the latest data on the impact of the crisis on social tenants;

Employment support – after years of record low unemployment, the crisis has put employment support right back to the top of the agenda. We will examine the latest developments in policy, and discuss the critical role housing associations play in helping people back to work;

Better work – whilst access to employment matters, so too does the quality of work. We will discuss how housing associations can support their tenants to access decent work, and to progress in work;

Skills and Training – the pandemic is driving significant changes in the labour market and the skills needs of employers. We will explore ways in which  we can support tenants to access high quality skills, training, development and progression  opportunities;

Funding and partnership – with ESF moving to final reserve funds, the DWP (CAEHRS) contractors launching new work programmes and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in play, funding routes for employment and skills are changing.  We will explore how housing associations can fund employment and skills support and deliver impact, working in partnership with the employment, learning and skills sectors.

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