Webinar: Improving voice and representation of working Londoners

Online | Tuesday 29 November | 14.00 – 15.00



Representation and voice at work are key elements of good work, providing workers with the opportunity to have a say in important matters that affect them such as improved pay, working conditions. Improving voice and representation can be done through a range of tools, including unionisation, collective agreements, and the use of tech to organise across the workforce.

Trade union membership has fallen in the last few decades and London has one of the lowest rates of unionisation in the country. At the same time, there has been a fall across key measures of the quality of work in London, with worsening pay, work-life balance and falls in training and development. Threats to worker conditions have driven a growing number of industrial disputes in the capital since the start of the pandemic and highlighted the importance of voice and representation.

This webinar will showcase innovative ways to improve worker voice and representation in the workplace, and how these approaches can be used to improve quality of work in London. We will hear from working Londoners affected by these issues and key stakeholders involved in initiatives to amplify worker voice and influence in the workplace.


  • Naomi Clayton, Deputy Director, Learning and Work Institute
  • Sam Gurney, Regional Secretary, TUC London
  • Tabusam Ahmed, Regional Officer, Unite
  • Pavlina Draganova, Global Network Lead, Organise

Better Work Network

This event is being run as part of our Better Work Network, funded by Trust for London.