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04 06 2020


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Joint submission to the Low Pay Commission regarding the April 2021 National Minimum Wage rates

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The Carnegie UK Trust and Learning and Work Institute are currently working in partnership and as organisations interested in ‘Fulfilling Work’ and transforming people’s experiences of learning and employment for the better, our study is examining how increasing the minimum wage could be part of a wider labour market strategy to drive forward the ‘good work’ agenda: including access to work, and security, progression and training in-work.

Our key research question is: What would government need to do alongside increasing the wage floor to combat in-work poverty and support ‘good work?’ This submission is based on the evidence and insights gleaned from our research process so far. This includes nationally representative polling of the general public and employers; ; qualitative research with low-paid workers exploring their views on the current and future minimum wage rates; and insights shared by our expert Project Advisory Group.