Evaluation of Timewise Foundation Earnings Progression Trial

A demonstration trial to support 102 low income parents to progress in-work

Learning and Work Institute has brought together findings from the independent evaluation of Timewise Foundation’s Universal Credit earnings progression trial which was delivered between January 2014 and April 2015.

The trial supported 102 working parents to progress their earnings, with the overall aim of ensuring that parents could maintain the flexible working practices needed to combine work and care.

Timewise Foundation’s support model included one-to-one holistic advice and guidance support from a ‘pre-progression’ advisor and employer facing support from employer engagement advisors who provided direct job brokerage, structured support to negotiate flexible progression opportunities and access to Timewise Foundation’s job alert service.

The research findings are based on three waves of qualitative fieldwork, analysis of management information, a follow-up tracking survey conducted in September to November 2015 and three action research learning events.

At the end of the delivery period, 28 of the 102 clients had achieved a progression outcome – either through a new job, working more hours or negotiating a pay rise (or a combination of these). Timewise achieved a total of 30 job outcomes (with some clients securing more than one job in the support period). 21 clients achieved an earnings progression and seve achieved a progression but did not increase their income.
At six months post support, the majority had maintained their progression outcomes.

Clients who had not achieved a job outcome at the end of the delivery period were more likely to be in the same job with small proportions undertaking unpaid training or study or had found a new job.