Reskilling for net zero


The UK’s transition to a net-zero economy will bring a major shift in the labour market, requiring the existing workforce to upskill and reskill as they adapt to industrial and occupational changes. In addition to actions by Government and business to reduce carbon emissions, individuals are changing their behaviour and use of energy.

People are facing real challenges with the cost of living and energy bills. However, our survey suggests that up to one half of people are not confident about how they could install renewable energy or improve insulation, with poorer households least likely to be confident to do so. This shows the value that a public information campaign could provide.

Our survey indicates that awareness and understanding of green skills and jobs is low, although nearly three in ten adults say they feel inspired to develop green skills to help progress their career. The research highlights that some groups are less likely to say they are aware of green skills and therefore less able to take up opportunities, with inequalities by gender, age and social class.


New Futures

We are developing and delivering pilots to support workers who need to reskill as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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