What should be in the Government’s economic inactivity review?

Thursday 15 December | 12.30 – 13.30pm | Online

Latest labour market figures show that nine million people (21.6% of the working age population) are economically inactive, up by about 500,000 since the March 2020. This group mostly comprises the over 50s, people with caring responsibilities, people with long-term health conditions or disabilities and students. Refugees and some minority ethnic groups are also over-represented among people who are economically inactive. 

Some 1.64 million economically inactive people say they want a job. Increasing levels of economic inactivity and labour shortages have prompted a DWP-led review of economic inactivity which will report in early 2023.

At our online event on 15 December, we will welcome a panel of speakers to discuss what we know about people who are economically inactive, what is needed to help workforce participation, and the future of employment support.

Speakers include

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